What's a Mom Worth in 2012?

Our Annual Survey Shows How Much Money Moms Would Be Paid Every Year If They Got a Paycheck

#5 Mom Job: Computer Operator

Annual salary: $32,095
Hourly pay: $15.43
Stay-at-home moms: 8.9 hours a week
Working moms: 6.5 hours a week

If you saw “computer operator” and automatically assumed all tech jobs are dad’s domain, you’re sorely mistaken.

Whether you’re sporting a desktop, laptop, iPad or smartphone, computers and technology in general is here to stay. Not only that, it’s embedding itself in the everyday lives of young people. There are YouTube videos of 2-year-olds successfully operating iPads, and by the time they’re four they can beat you in Angry Birds.

But in all seriousness, the moms we surveyed this year realize the importance of proper technological training for their kids, and they’re making sure to be on top of it.

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