What's a Mom Worth in 2012?

Our Annual Survey Shows How Much Money Moms Would Be Paid Every Year If They Got a Paycheck

#2 Mom Job: Cook

Annual salary: $27,274
Hourly pay: $13.11
Stay-at-home moms: 13.9 hours a week
Working moms: 8.1 hours a week

With kids, it all pretty much boils down to food.

No matter the age, children are perpetually hungry. And despite protests from your pocketbook, most of the moms we surveyed say it’s their responsibility to go to the grocery store and keep the family fed. So just like any good cook, half the battle is in the preparation as mothers clip coupons, buy the right ingredients and plan out meals ahead of time before putting their culinary skills to the test.

But even if you’re just whipping up some mac and cheese, cooking multiple meals a day for your whole family can be a full-time job in and of itself, especially when factoring in the ability to cook with toddlers hanging off of you like you're a human playground. But moms know if you get your kids interested in cooking and proper nutrition from the get-go, it can be educational and some pretty great quality time as well.

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