Dads are Worth More Money in 2013?

This Year's "Dad Salary" Is Up Considerably from 2012

How Much Work Did Dads Put in at Home This Year?

Look out moms, dads are on the rise!

Granted, it might seem like men are getting the short end of the stick lately. Whether we're talking about books devoted to "The End of Men" or all the recent surveys that show women as quickly emerging breadwinners, to the untrained eye it might look like men are in trouble. But we're not.

Sure more men are out of work, but the flip side to that is more men are also becoming full-time caregivers. Nearly 200,000 men are stay-at-home fathers now according to U.S. Census data, and studies show even working dads are spending more time on the home front, because of the added emphasis on physically being present with family and helping out more at home. Yes, men are struggling to find that balance but it's no different than the struggles women face as more of them leave their domestic duties behind to climb back into the workforce.

So today we're here to celebrate the advancements dads are making, and there are plenty of them.