What is Your Time Management Style?

Recognizing Personality Styles Boosts Productivity & Morale

Spirited Style Time Management

People with a Spirited style are multitaskers. They enjoy handling a variety of tasks and projects at once, although doing so doesn’t necessarily make them more productive. They are easily distracted, finding it much easier to begin a new project than to finish an existing one. They prefer to spend their time brainstorming rather than implementing decisions.

If you are working with someone who says, "While we’re at it, let’s consider..." then you’re probably working with someone with a Spirited style. To work effectively with this style, block out extra time for meetings so you’re not surprised or frustrated when they go long. Be prepared to stray off topic and guide this person back to making a decision. Build in extra time for projects because this style doesn’t always adhere to deadlines.