Dads are Worth More Money in 2013?

This Year's "Dad Salary" Is Up Considerably from 2012

6. Facilities Manager

Job Title: Facilities Manager
Annual salary: $65,700

Hourly pay: $31.59
Stay-at-home dads: 4.9 hours a week
Working dads: 3.6 hours a week

When something breaks or needs upkeep, dads answer the call.

Now I want to be clear, answering the call doesn't always mean doing so successfully. Heck, in my house my wife is better suited to deal with the electrical and mechanical problems, and "the call" is often to a professional who can get the job done without making it worse. But that doesn't mean I don't Google the repair in question and hunt down some YouTube videos to at least try to fix what's broken.

This job was #3 for working dads, probably because stay-at-home fathers have the bulk of the day-to-day tasks when home on a daily basis.

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