Tips for Making a Successful Career Comeback

How to Recapture Professional Success Following a Career Setback

2. Get to Work Immediately

In the 14 days after the news of Lehrer-Gate broke, thousands have likely visited the New Yorker website to see if Lehrer has written any new blogs, and learned he hasn’t. Understandable under the circumstances, but unfortunate for him nonetheless.

The longer his blog, Frontal Cortex, stays stagnant, the more it stokes the flame of those who say, "See, he's out of ideas. He can't produce anything interesting unless it's recycled." What he needs to do now to silence those who say he CAN'T is DO. Whatever compelling research he's gathered and thought about putting into the type of counterintuitive story his readers love, now's the time to pull all-nighters to get it out and blow the minds of his audience, perhaps even focusing the spotlight on himself, writing about the neuroscience of "why we think we can get away with it."