The Working Dead: 7 Ways to Avoid Becoming an Office Zombie

Lessons from The Walking Dead about Surviving & Thriving at Work

Don't Become a Work Zombie

Warning, this contains spoilers.

Unfortunately for too many American workers, the feeling of being trapped for hours on end in a room full of undead souls from which there is seemingly no escape is an all-too-familiar sentiment. Perhaps that’s why millions of people have tuned in to AMC’s hit television show The Walking Dead.

Although at first glance it doesn’t appear that a fictional TV show set in apocalyptic Georgia involving a small army of human survivors battling flesh-eating zombies has much to do with office life, a more thorough examination proves that isn’t the case. It turns out there’s a lot the average employee can learn by watching Rick Grimes and his determined band of misfits survive and adapt in unprecedented and dangerous environments.

Here are seven of the most important lessons The Walking Dead can teach us about work and careers.