The Bachelorette: Which Contestant Makes the Most Money?

Will the Man Who Wins Desiree Hartsock's Heart Do It with His Paycheck?

Of Love and Money

When we checked out our site statistics on Tuesday morning, we couldn't figure out why a bunch of random job searches spiked the night before. The reason? Monday night was ABC's 9th season premiere of The Bachelorette.

For those unfamiliar with the show, 25 men compete for the heart of one woman -- this year it's 27-year-old Desiree Hartsock. Each week at the end of the telecast, she gives roses to the men she likes and sends the rest packing. That continues until she chooses one of the original 25 and they (theoretically) live happily ever after.

So what does a reality TV dating show have to do with

I know we all say sense of humor and great eyes are the most important things we look for in a potential spouse, but it appears large segments of the American public disagree. Instead, people come to our site to look up the job titles of all the male contestants on the show -- and their corresponding salaries. So we figured we'd make it easier for everyone. We examined all the job titles of the 25 contestants, plugged in their geographic locations, and came up with Desiree's top 10 choices as ranked by salary. Some jobs weren't in our database so we didn't include them, and these are only estimates and not their actual salaries. But based on our job titles and salary data, here are the best choices if Desiree is concerned about money.

Obviously this doesn't guarantee true love and there's much more to choosing a mate than money, but as our analytics indicate, earning potential still plays a big role in romantic matters.