The 8 Most Common Salary Negotiation Tactics

Know How to Implement & Defend Against Various Salary Negotiation Techniques

5. Deadlines

If you’ve watched TV blurry-eyed late at night, you’ve heard the phrase, “Order within the next 15 minutes and you’ll also receive…” Giving the other party a deadline – either actual or artificial – uses time to apply pressure and force them into making a decision.

In terms of your career, deadlines are often called exploding job offers, and are being used a lot more lately, especially by companies in competitive fields or with college graduates.

From a company perspective, it’s a great tactic to counteract an employee with multiple options. However, Wharton professor and author Adam Grant contends that It’s Time To Eliminate Exploding Job Offers, saying that “Exploding offers don't lure in candidates who are the best fit; they attract people who are risk-averse.”