The 8 Most Common Salary Negotiation Tactics

Know How to Implement & Defend Against Various Salary Negotiation Techniques

8. Auction

Anyone that has used EBay or watched the reality show Storage Wars is familiar with an auction, a bidding process designed to create competition when multiple parties all want the same thing. As an auction escalates at a frenzied pace, not only do people want what is being bid on, they want to win just for the thrill of winning.

In a salary negotiation, candidates can create an “auction effect” when they have multiple offers. Let’s say you’re a sales executive with an extensive background in photography, and you receive an offer to work at Canon cameras. It’s a fair offer and you’re mulling it over.

Suddenly, you receive a slightly better offer for a similar position at Nikon. They’d really like to have you on board. While an all-out Sotheby’s-style auction for your services might not ensue, suddenly you've got a lot more leverage. If you’re in Canon’s shoes and you don’t accept their offer, not only are they going to lose the employee, they’re going to lose them to a heated rival.