The 8 Hottest Jobs of 2014

Find Out Which Jobs Will be Huge in the New Year

6. Accounts & Auditors

Job: Accountants and Auditors
Median annual accountant salary: $55,608
Median annual auditor salary: $62,077
Growth rate: 17% in the business & financial occupations

The great economic collapse of 2008 hit the business and financial industries pretty hard. And it turns out if you’re someone looking for a job in this rebounding industry, there’s a silver lining of that debacle.

When it was discovered loose standards contributed to the latest recession, new restrictions went into place as a response. That’s part of the reason why accountants and auditors will be more important than ever before. Companies are finding it is essential to have these knowledgeable people in place to make sure businesses are providing the necessary level of accountability and oversight in the post-recession business world.