The 10 Best Job Hunting Apps to Get You Hired

Looking for a Job? There's an App for That

5. Good Job

Name: Good Job
Cost: $4.99
Compatible With: iPhone, iPad
Where to Find:, or via iTunes

When you’re deep in the middle of a job hunt it can be difficult to keep track of all the activities related to your job search. This app helps users organize the job search by allowing them to keep track of jobs, contacts, actions, events, and follow-ups.

You can prioritize hundreds of jobs, see upcoming events and interviews, and even keep track of resumes and thank-you letters sent. It even allows you to keep track of conversations with contacts, note successful and unsuccessful interviews, and know which resume you sent to which job. Ideal for job seekers who need help organizing, as well as people who are exploring more than a few opportunities. It's perfect for the long-term job seeker, as well as those just starting out.