How to Successfully Tell an Interviewer a Little About Yourself

Learn the Answer to the Most Important Question During a Job Interview

Open Strong, But Short

So what DO you say when you’re faced with that opening “Tell me about yourself” question? First, you should rehearse this answer relentlessly to make sure it’s succinct, powerful, and starts off the interview on the right foot.

Since this mini bio can also be used in several areas of your job search, such as an “elevator pitch” when networking, the opening paragraph of a cover letter, or when introducing yourself over email, it’s worth it to hone it to perfection. How do you know you’ve got it down? When you’ve rehearsed it so much that it doesn’t seem rehearsed.

Some people have a tendency to go on too long and try to “sell” the interviewer with your impressive resume right off the bat. Don’t fall into that trap. Make sure to time out your response and keep it under 2 minutes. Here’s why.