5 Small Things That Make a Big Difference to Hiring Managers

When All Candidates are Equal, It's the Little Things That Make a Difference

The Difference Between Candidates Could be Miniscule

Put yourself in this scenario:

You apply to your dream job and breeze through the first round of interviews. HR loves you, the fit seems great, and they email you the very next day to come in for another round a week later.

This time, you meet with 3 more managers and spend nearly 5 hours learning about the company. Things go even better than the previous round, and you find out that you are one of the finalists for the position.

Another week goes by and they set up a Skype interview with one of the key project leaders in another office. You prepare for hours on end and have a fantastic conversation. You’re incredibly excited and tell all your friends how great the opportunity is. HR emails again and tells you it’s between you and another candidate, and invites you back to the office for a final interview with senior management, and once again, you hit the ball out of the park.

A week later you’re sitting at your desk (admittedly, dreaming of the moment when you’ll get to give your notice) when you see a call from the company coming in on your mobile phone. You sprint to a private conference room, breathlessly answer the call, only to have your HR contact tell you "I am SO sorry. You were a really fantastic candidate, it was incredibly close, and this was a really difficult decision. But in the end, unfortunately we’ve decided to make an offer to the other finalist."