Salary Negotiation: Separating Fact from Fiction

New Survey Highlights the Fear & Stigma Surrounding Salary Negotiation

What Stops People from Negotiating?

In prior surveys we established that people generally dread salary negotiations. Earlier this year, 59% of American workers we surveyed said they get apprehensive when it comes to negotiating salary. So it should come as no surprise what people answered when we asked them why they're scared to negotiate.

The overwhelming top response was a basic emotion we've all faced: fear of rejection. Fear of being told no topped the list with 43% of respondents saying they're scared of being rejected and feeling like they're not good enough. Fifteen percent said their stingy bosses/company are what's holding them back, with another 15% fearing they'd be fired for asking for more money. An additional 13% said they didn't fear getting fired, but were wary of other kinds of lingering retribution following a raise request gone bad.

Poor company performance (10%) and the bad economy (4%) were the two other issues respondents listed.