5 Ways Your Resume Bullet Points Get You Hired

Putting Interests Like "Alligator Wrestling" Helps You Stand Out & Land Job Interviews

Standing Out is Key

Like many hiring managers across the country, several years back I was faced with a common scenario: A stack of resumes a mile high for a single job opening (in this case, an entry-level QA technician).

First of all, the stats you hear are true -- you really do only have a few seconds to make an impression with your resume. As I quickly scanned the resume of an applicant named Joe, things were looking good. He had held jobs that were relevant to the position, he had a strong educational background, and I sensed from his cover letter that he was chomping at the bit to prove himself. Then I saw the final item on his resume:

Interests: Competitive bodybuilding, ice hockey, ballroom dancing, alligator wrestling

Hold on a second. Bodybuilding and ballroom dancing? Alligator wrestling??

After a long day of sifting through dozens and dozens of resumes, this brought a smile to my face and upgraded him from the "Yes/Maybe" pile into the "Bring him in for an interview" pile.