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The Salary Talk Podcast
Salary Talk
, the official podcast of, features the most useful advice on choosing careers, career advancement, job-hunting, resumes and salary negotiation. Hosts Aaron Gouveia and Wendy Ryan interview the most knowledgeable and accomplished authors, who dispense expert advice on everything from negotiating a six-figure salary to creating a sustainable work-life balance.  

Dream Jobs
Ever see someone with a really cool job and wonder just what they do and how they got the job? We've scoured the entire country to find you people with the greatest jobs that they're really passionate about. From ESPN talent producers to TV celebrities, we're interviewing the most interesting people with the greatest jobs and bringing you their stories. If you have a Dream Job or you know someone who does, email us at salarytalk at salary (dot) com.

Ask The Salary Expert
Want to know when you should bring up salary in a job interview? Wondering if you should play hardball regarding a job offer? Whatever your question is, you can Ask the Salary Expert and one of the nations top business, negotiation and hr experts will tap into their years of experience to give you a helpful answer. Check back often to see if we've answered your question.

Office Etiquette
Do you know what is and isn't proper water cooler talk? Is that magazine cut-out on your cubicle wall appropriate for the office? Maybe it's not the best idea to tell that raunchy joke in the cafeteria line. Getting the job is only half the battle, because learning office etiquette and the (written and unwritten) rules of the office will factor heavily into how you are viewed and whether you succeed at work. Follow the advice from our bloggers and learn the "Dos and Don'ts" of office life.

The Executive Presence Blog
Harrison Monarth is a leader in the field of persuasive communication and speaker coaching. As an author and one of the most sought-after message strategists and communication coaches in the United States, he regularly prepares CEOs, senior executives, political candidates and other leading professionals for high-stakes presentations and speaking opportunities. And now he can do the same for you every week in this column.

Boost Your Work/Life Balance
Heather Dugan is a self-employed single mom of three incredible but imperfect kids, aiming to approach challenges as perspective-builders and potential writing material. Death? Divorce? Career relaunch? Done, done and done. Learning how dramatically Life (or even Tuesday) can shift has taught me the value of flexibility and the necessity of humor, help and humility. And now she's answering real-life reader questions and doling out free advice every week.

The Salary Tutor
Jim Hopkinson is an author, writer, and speaker living in New York City. His focus is on career development for the new economy, showing how new media, technology and branding are changing how people look at their career and lifestyle. 

Get Interviews
Ultimately a company hires you for the quality person and employee you are. But in order to show off your skills, you have to get past the resume screening software and into the door for an interview. This team of Certified Professional Resume Writers specializes in maximizing the effectiveness of resumes and cover letters, and now they're passing on their job search advice to you. 

Personality Style at Work
The most important business skill isn't a skill at all. It's your personality. And only when you develop a keen understanding of your personality style -- and the styles of the people you deal with -- will you reach your full potential as a business professional.

Awesomize Me
Actionable intelligence to craft the right presence for today's online-oriented world.

Dollars & $ense Job Search
Job search isn't about selection, it's about preventing elimination.

Green Notes
A conglomeration of business & economic news.