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Healthcare -- Technicians Continuing Professional Education and Certification

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Admitting Clerk training
Anesthesia Technician training
Animal Technician training
Athletic Trainer training
Berearvement Coordinator training
Biomedical Engineering Technician training
Biomedical Photographer training
Cardiac Catheterization Technologist training
Cardiac Technician training
Case Worker - Home Care training
CAT Scan Technologist training
Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant training
Certified Physical Therapist Assistant training
Certified Respiratory Therapy Technician training
Chief CAT Scan Technologist training
Chief Diagnostic Imaging Operations Technologist training
Chief Medical Technologist training
Chief Nurse Anesthetist training
Chief Radiologic Technologist training
Chief Ultrasound Technologist training
Child Life Specialist training
Childbirth Educator training
Clinical Research Coordinator training
Cytogenetic Technologist training
Cytotechnologist training
Dental Assistant training
Dental Hygienist training
Diet Clerk training
Diet Technician training
Dietitian Supervisor training
DME Technician training
Echocardiograph Technician training
EKG Technician training
Electroencephalograph Technician training
Electroneurodiagnostic Technologists training
Emergency Dispatcher training
Emergency Medical Technician training
Endoscopy Technician training
Exercise Physiology Technologist training
Flight Medic training
Genetic Counselor training
Head of Laboratory Services training
Health Educator training
Healthcare (HIPPA/JCAHO) Corporate Compliance Officer training
Healthcare EDI Analyst training
Healthcare Information Systems Coordinator training
Histology Technician training
Hyperalimentation Technician training
Hyperbaric Technician training
Infection Control Coordinator training
Interventional Radiological Technologist/Radiology Tech training
Laboratory Courier training
Laboratory Information Systems Coordinator training
Laboratory Manager training
Level I Home Care Aide training
Level I Laboratory Supervisor training
Level I Pharmacy Technician training
Level II Home Care Aide training
Level II Laboratory Supervisor training
Level II Pharmacy Technician training
Level III Home Care Aide training
Level III Laboratory Supervisor training
Mammography Technologist training
Massage Therapist training
Materials Handler (Non-Hazardous) training
Medical Assistant training
Medical Diagnostic Imaging Manager training
Medical Diagnostic Imaging Supervisor training
Medical Laboratory Technician training
Medical Records Coding Technician training
Medical Records Research Coordinator training
Medical Records Technician training
Medical Records Transcriptionist training
Medical Technologist (ASCP) training
Medical Technologist - Hematology training
Medical Technologist - Microbiology training
Mental Health Technician training
Monitor (Cardiac) Technician training
Morgue Attendant training
MRI Technologist training
Nuclear Laboratory Technologist Supervisor training
Nuclear Medicine Director training
Nuclear Medicine Technician training
Nuclear Medicine Technologist training
Nursing Assistant Licensed Physical Therapist training
Nursing Home Activity Aide training
Nursing Home Certified Assistant Occupational Therapist training
Nursing Home Certified Nursing Assistant [CNA] training
Nursing Home Occupational Therapist training
Nursing Home Physical Therapist training
Operating Room Supervisor training
Operating Room Technician training
Ophthalmic Technician training
Orthopedic Technician training
Patient Transporter training
Personal Trainer - Healthcare training
Pharmacy Technician Supervisor training
Phlebotomist training
Physician Residency Coordinator training
Picture Archiving and Communication System [PACS] Administrator training
Picture Archiving and Communication System Manager training
Polysomnographic Technician training
Psychiatric Technician training
Radiation Therapy Technologist (ARRT) training
Radiologic/Radiology Technologist training
Recreational Therapist training
Renal Dialysis Technician training
Respiratory Therapist training
Respiratory Therapy Supervisor training
Senior Animal Technician training
Senior Healthcare EDI Analyst training
Senior Medical Laboratory Technician training
Sterile Supply Attendant training
Surgical Assistant training
Surgical Technologist training
Team Leader - Home Care training
Ultrasound Technologist training
Utilization Review Coordinator training
Utilization Review Technician training
Vascular Technician training
Volunteer Coordinator training
Volunteer Coordinator - Home Care training
X-ray Darkroom Attendant training

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Healthcare technician, technologist, and attendant jobs dominate this job category, including jobs devoted to the electronic monitoring of patients. Nursing job titles are listed in a separate, related category.
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