7 Job Search Tips You Can Learn from Pro Athletes

Job Hunt Like a Superstar Athlete to Get Ahead

Athletes Can Show Us More Than Their Moves

Americans love their professional sports. According to recent survey done by ESPN, 74% of Americans watch four or more hours of professional sports on television per week!

As we root for our favorite teams and players, it’s hard to remember that professional athletes are just that: professional. Yes, as tough as it is to believe sometimes, and despite the envious lifestyle of guys like LeBron James, shooting hoops is a J.O.B. Just like the rest of us, professional athletes change jobs, get promoted, get fired, have bad days at work, and make moves that can make—or break—their careers. And they do it in a very public manner.

So what can today’s job seekers learn from professional athletes? This article explores seven lessons from seven pro athletes you can apply to your job search.