6 Tips for Negotiating Salary at a Nonprofit

Weigh 'Need vs Greed' When Negotiating Salary at a Nonprofit

5. Times Might be Changing

While we probably won’t see a lot of cases where nonprofits suddenly hand out free iPad Minis to all 3,500 employees like LinkedIn did this year, there are signs that companies are getting a little less tight with their purse strings.

“We’re seeing this trend lately with nonprofits,” said Belinda Morris, Founder and Principal Consultant of Peoplescape Consulting, a company that delivers Human Resources consulting and Executive Search services to leaders of small and medium sized businesses in Southern California. “For the longest time, nonprofit organizations have been run with understaffed teams and volunteers working for free. Now they’re realizing they’re not getting the cutting edge skills they need to succeed. They understand that in order to take their nonprofits to the next level, they need to invest in attracting higher end talent, which allows them to help others better.”