How Much Money Should Moms Be Paid?

For the 13th Year, Reveals Its Annual "Mom Salary"

How Do You Put a Price on Motherhood?

So how do we determine the amount moms are paid? In a nutshell, we rely on your input and our salary data.

Our Mom Salary Wizard is open to mothers all year long, and we ask our users to tell us how much time they spend each week doing various "mom jobs." From there, we take your final tallies, have our compensation experts mesh the number of hours with our salary data for the various jobs, and voila -- you're able to see mom's paycheck. We break it down by stay-at-home and working mothers, and present the top 10 jobs on which moms say they spend the most time.

Since most families are on the smaller side (except if you're the Duggar Family), we only used salary data for companies with 25 full-time employees or less. But the links we're providing throughout the article consist of salaries for ALL companies sizes, hence you might see some varying numbers.

This year we had more than 6,000 moms take our survey, and the buzzword is "steady." We also sought out real-life moms to get their thoughts on this year's survey.

In what should come as no surprise in this economy that is still largely spinning its wheels, the salaries for stay-at-home and working moms only increased marginally compared to last year even though moms are putting in close to 100 hours a week of household and childcare duties. Want to know which jobs moms do the most and what the final tally was? Read on.