How Much Are Moms Worth in 2014?'s 14th Annual "Mom Salary" Survey Reveals How Much Money Mothers Should Be Paid

And the Grand Total Is...

So after all of this, how much would moms be paid if they were actually compensated in 2014?

Stay-at-home moms went from working 94 hours per week last year to 96.5 hours on household and childcare duties in 2014. If paid for their 40 hours plus 56.5 hours of overtime, stay-at-home moms would earn $118,905 – an increase of more than $5,000 from last year.

Working moms also saw an increase in time spent “on the job” as well as in their paycheck. From 58 hours a week in 2013 to 59.4 hours per week this year, working moms would take home a paycheck of $70,107 – up nearly $3,000 from last year. Also, when it comes to working moms, you have to remember to factor in the time they spend at their day jobs and how much they earn there to get their true mom salary.

To see and share our infographics for both stay-at-home and working mothers and see how much you or your mother is worth, click here.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there and thank you for all you do.