How Much Are Dads Worth in 2012?

Our Annual Survey Shows How Much Dads Would Be Paid for All Their Fatherly Duties

10. Laundry Machine Operator

Annual salary: $20,500
Hourly pay: $9.86
Stay-at-home dads: 3.1 hours a week
Working dads: 1.4 hours a week

Forget the dopey, stereotypical males you see on TV who wash colors and whites together to turn all of junior's clothes red as mom comes home shaking her head with a smirk while fixing everything. Today's dads not only know how to work the washer and dryer, they've convinced major brands like Tide and Clorox that dads have an increasing amount of purchasing power because they are involved in more and more basic household buying decisions. 

Although the laundry basket seems to be bottomless when you have kids, today's dads are no longer letting the dirty clothes pile grow to gargantuan proportions. Whether they stay at home or work, they're pitching in on laundry duty no matter what.

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