How Much Are Moms Worth in 2014?

Salary.com's 14th Annual "Mom Salary" Survey Reveals How Much Money Mothers Should Be Paid

9. Laundry Operator

Laundry Operator
Median annual salary: $21,000

Stay-at-home moms: 6.5 hours a week
Working moms: 4.2 hours a week

"I know what it’s like to finish the laundry and to look in the basket five minutes later and it’s full again. I know what it’s like to pull all the groceries in, and see the teenagers run through, and all of a sudden, all of the groceries you just bought a few hours ago are gone." – Ann Romney

One minute you’re done, the next you’ve got four more loads to do. How does it multiply so fast? Why can’t someone invent something that automatically folds clothes? And where the hell do half the socks disappear to?

Sure it’s not the most glamorous part of motherhood, but clean clothes are a necessity and many moms make that happen.

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