Good & Bad Examples of Salary Negotiations

Real-Life Examples of Negotiation Done Right & Wrong

Be Prepared

Date of last raise: 2013
Prior salary research: No
Raise request: 14.5%
Raise received: 7%
User comments: "I asked for a $10,000/year increase and he met me halfway and left it open to bonus at the end of the year. We then purchased a new company and now the load has doubled." says: So you asked for a 14.5% salary increase -- no small sum -- but did zero research first? Not a good idea.

What happens if your boss asks you where that figure came from and how you arrived at it? Maybe you had a good reason off the top of your head, maybe not. But using a tool like's Personal Salary Report which you can reference and show to your boss lends a lot more credibility to your raise request than a number seemingly contrived out of thin air.

The good news is you still received a 7% raise, which is commendable. But since there seems to be a lot of moving parts with the acquisition and most likely changes in management, make sure you get that bonus agreement in writing just in case management changes and no one has a record of anything.