Good & Bad Examples of Salary Negotiations

Real-Life Examples of Negotiation Done Right & Wrong

Don't Get Frustrated & Give Up

Date of last raise: 2013
Prior salary research: Yes
Raise request: 10%
Raise received: 3%
User comments: "I went in with a friendly demeanor and lots of research. I highlighted my successes and big wins over the year and how that benefited the company. I also used Salary.com and other resources to show that I was below the median income level for my geographic area. I knew I was asking for a lot but I defended my position because I believe I earned it. My boss agreed but said 10% was too much. I ended up with 3% which is nothing more than a merit increase. I'm disappointed."

Salary.com says: The good news is it sounds like you were prepared and asked for a raise the right way. The bad news is you missed an opportunity when presented with an obstacle.

It's unfortunate that even though your boss agreed you deserved more money, you didn't get it. That's frustrating. But is the extra money too much because your company is having a bad year? Did you do research on your employer's financials beforehand to see if a 10% increase was even possible? If not, that's on you.

Also, when the salary increase was denied did you try to negotiate other components of your compensation package? You could've asked for flexible scheduling, the ability to work from home, or tried for more vacation time. These things won't add any zeros to your paycheck, but they cut down on costs and end up leaving more money in your pocket, which is the whole point. Next time don't get frustrated so easily and try other avenues.