How to Get an $11,000 Salary Increase with One E-mail

A Few Hours of Research & One Well-Crafted E-mail is All It Takes


This weekend I did some extensive research, matching up the responsibilities of this job with the value of my skills on the marketplace. It was a bit tricky because this job is so varied and takes into account many different skill sets. I researched comparable positions at museums and non-profits across the country, and spoke with my mentors and colleagues in the industry. [The setup: We bracketed the range based on their initial offer, explaining why and leaving plenty of room at the top of the range.]

What I found was that there was a range from about $40,000 to $65,000, with $40,000 being more entry level, and $65,000 being at the top of the market. [The proof: This was one of the most critical lines in the entire letter. Rebecca was not just another gallery manager. There were plenty of people that could do that. What she was also bringing to the job that was crucial and that no other candidate had, was the experience of building a new program, so we use that line here.]