Today's Dads Are More Than Just a Paycheck

New Survey Shows More Than Half of Employed Men Feel Torn Between Work and Home

SAHDs Not Yet Welcome to the Club

Women have been accepted as stay-at-home parents for many years. But despite a clarion call for more involvement from fathers, stay-at-home dads are still a novelty and are often treated with skepticism by some people. Including women.

When asked how they would feel if their partner expressed a desire to be a stay-at-home parent, there was a marked difference between the sexes. Sixty-six percent of men said they would have no problem supporting such a request, 27 percent said it would depend on the circumstances, and only 3 percent said they wouldn’t entertain the notion.

On the other hand, the number of women who said they would never entertain having a stay-at-home spouse was 8 percent – more than double the number reported by men. Fifty-five percent of women said it would depend on the circumstances, and less than one-third -- 32 percent -- of women said they would unequivocally support their partner’s decision to be primary caregiver.