Today's Dads Are More Than Just a Paycheck

New Survey Shows More Than Half of Employed Men Feel Torn Between Work and Home

Stay-at-Home Dads: Inside the Numbers

So what circumstances lead to men bucking established societal norms and ending up full-time, stay-at-home parents?

The recent economic recession has played its part as the vast majority of lost jobs belonged to men. So predictably, 17 percent of the men we surveyed said they were more or less forced into the stay-at-home role due to losing their jobs. Also, 5 percent of men said disability/medical issues led them to a full-time parenting role.

But on the other hand, 13 percent of men surveyed said they made a conscious decision to quit their job specifically so they could take care of their kids on a full-time basis. And while 6 percent of men said they're simply taking the primary caregiver role because they have to, 64 percent said they genuinely enjoy being stay-at-home parents even if they do occasionally miss working.