Personal Branding

With so many people out of work and applying for the same jobs, standing out in a crowd is more important than ever. Developing and enhancing your personal brand will help you establish professionalism, get you noticed and help you get hired and promoted. Our expert podcasts and articles will not only show you how to successfully create your own brand, we'll help you avoid the common mistakes that could make you look bad to potential employers.

Personal Branding Advice

  • Dream Job: Rodeo Clown

    Rodeo clowns - who prefer to be called bullfighters - apprentice at local, small rodeos and at youth rodeo events. They may attend clown training schools, which hold training camps across the southwest and in Colorado, Montana, and Kansas - … Read more...

  • How to Remember Your Coworkers Names

    What is the best way for a new employee to remember the other employees' names? I will be starting a new job in a few weeks as the payroll manager so, of course, I have to get names down very quickly. I sometimes have a problem remembering … Read more...