Are Young Workers the "Go Nowhere" Generation?

While Some Think Millennials Are the Lost Generation, Scott Gerber Plans to #FixYoungAmerica

More Ways to Lend a Hand

Q: Anything else people can do?

Gerber: Offer young Americans ways to contribute to their own success (and yours) by:

  • Creating mentorship or internship programs in local businesses
  • Sponsoring business-plan competitions to create a local culture of entrepreneurship
  • Asking your senator or representative to support crowd funding legislation, self-employment assistance and the Youth Entrepreneurship Act, three of our campaign’s policy-related solutions aimed at helping young entrepreneurs finance new businesses
  • Starting an online platform to bring local entrepreneurs, investors and leaders together
  • Sharing our campaign (and your own solutions!), which you can do by visiting our website or by making a tax-deductible contribution. Donations will help us put a copy of our book in the hands of every politician, thought leader and decision maker in America, and part of your contribution will also be donated to programs for young entrepreneurs.