Are Young Workers the "Go Nowhere" Generation?

While Some Think Millennials Are the Lost Generation, Scott Gerber Plans to #FixYoungAmerica

How Can Ordinary Citizens Help?

Q: What can ordinary Americans -- parents, teachers, students, business owners, etc. -- do to #FixYoungAmerica in their own communities?

Gerber: We can all pitch in, in one way or another, to #FixYoungAmerica. That’s exactly what this campaign is about, and we encourage every American to do their part. Here are just a few starting points:

  • Encourage our teachers and K-12 school leaders to institute entrepreneurship programs and tech-enabled learning with a focus on hands-on, experiential learning (like those offered through Junior Achievement, FBLA, and many public and private schools already)
  • Teach our children to value independence, innovation and ownership -- these skills are valuable to all of us, whether as freelancers, contractors, startup founders or employees
  • Show young Americans the entrepreneurial work alternatives out there, like: applying to startup accelerators and competitions; working for startup companies after college; finding companies that offer intrapreneurial opportunities to employees; considering franchises as an alternative to an MBA or possibly even a BA; and finding low-cost entrepreneurship education through local community colleges