Why Americans are Too Scared to Negotiate Salary

Lack of Confidence & Skills are Top Reasons Workers Don't Negotiate

But Women are Closing the Gap

It’s true that more men than women negotiate their salary. But the gap is closing.

When we conducted this survey in 2012, 46% of men always negotiated compared 30% of women. This year, men dropped considerably down to 36% who always negotiate, perhaps indicative of a still floundering economy. Women also dropped, but less precipitously, from 30% to 26%.

And when it comes to negotiating during performance reviews, women are nearly neck and neck with men. Sixteen percent of women always negotiate during reviews compared to 18% of men, while the number of men and women who never negotiate during reviews is only a 2% difference (42% to 40%). With more women entering the workforce and men putting an added emphasis on having workplace flexibility, look for this trend to continue.