Why Americans are Too Scared to Negotiate Salary

Lack of Confidence & Skills are Top Reasons Workers Don't Negotiate

Salary Negotiation on the Decline

With so much on the line, the majority of people must negotiate salary right? Wrong.

Only 31% of respondents said they always negotiate salary after receiving a job offer. And that’s down from 37% just one year ago. And the bad news continues on the other end of the spectrum, as 20% -- that’s one-fifth of American workers – admitted they never negotiate salary during the job interview process. That number ticked up from 18% in 2012.

In fact, 41% of people said they did not negotiate salary for the job they currently hold. Undoubtedly the bad economy factored into this, but failure to negotiate salary at the outset is an earnings killer that could mean you miss out on hundreds of thousands of dollars – or more -- over the course of your career.