Why Americans are Too Scared to Negotiate Salary

Lack of Confidence & Skills are Top Reasons Workers Don't Negotiate

Would You Rather Ask a Man or Woman for a Raise?

Because of the emphasis on closing the gender wage gap and fair pay between the sexes, this year we threw our respondents a curveball.

We asked them whether they thought they stood a better chance of negotiating a successful salary increase with a male or a female boss. Twenty-four percent of workers said they’d rather ask a man for more money, while only 8% chose a woman. Most people, 67%, said it doesn’t matter one way or the other.

But interestingly enough, even women would rather ask a male boss for a raise. Among women, 28% said they’d rather ask a male boss for a raise, 11% chose a female boss, and 59% said they had no preference. Only 20% of men said they’d ask a male boss, 5% of men picked a female boss, and 74% of men said it didn’t matter.