Why Americans are Too Scared to Negotiate Salary

Lack of Confidence & Skills are Top Reasons Workers Don't Negotiate

More Workers Taking What They're Offered

Fewer Americans are negotiating salary, which could potentially be costing workers hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of their careers, according to our newest survey results.

Knowing your salary range and negotiating a fair paycheck is at the heart of what does. We were founded 14 years ago to help people figure out how much others in similar jobs are making, in order to establish a stronger foundation from which people can negotiate their job offers. As compensation professionals, we figured everyone knew how important it is to negotiate during the job interview and performance review process. But self-worth is a very complex and personal subject, and many people privately told us they don’t have the skills or the confidence necessary to adequately promote themselves. Which means far too many people are leaving money on the table and causing a negative earnings potential ripple effect that goes on for years.

But instead of relying on a few cases, we decided to poll hundreds of people regarding negotiation. Do you negotiate? If so, how often? If not, what’s stopping you? In all, more than 800 of you responded and here’s what you had to say.