9 Reasons Why You Should Nap at Work

9. Naps on the Job - a Growing Trend.

The concept of napping at work is growing in popularity. Thirty-four percent of American workers surveyed by the National Sleep Foundation say that their workplace permits napping during work breaks; 16 percent report that their employer even provides a place for them to nap.  Companies that are most likely to allow napping include those that require employees to work long hours or those having late shifts.

Although the workplace nap phenomenon is growing, many companies have not warmed to the idea. The visual of people sacked out in the conference room simply doesn't fly with management. And indeed, for many of us, the concept of sleeping at work feels risky, especially given today's precarious job market. We would rather be seen diligently typing, not drooling on the keyboard, should the boss look in.  

But with so many Americans napping anyway - slumped against their walls and hovered over keyboards - isn't it time to call a spade a spade? Tired people will sleep, crouched behind the copy machine if they must. Companies like Google and that face this reality - and don't stigmatize their employees for being exhausted - might be well positioned to attract the best talent moving forward.