9 Jobs That Let You Work from Home

Careers That Don't Require You to Commute Farther Than Your Living Room

Yahoo! Makes Waves by Banning Work-from-Home

Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo!, caused quite a stir this week when she told her employees they would no longer be allowed to work at home. And in doing so, both sides of the always contentious debate have sprung into action either supporting Mayer's decision or lambasting it.

Mayer and Yahoo! have said their policy is not a referendum on the wisdom of working at home, but simply what's best for the company. They feel nothing truly replaces face-time and person-to-person interaction, which means collaboration and physically being present in the office is essential for success. After all, the knock on working from home has long been that employees take advantage.

On the flip side, Mayer's critics have jumped at the opportunity to point out how archaic they believe her work-from-home ban is. Especially in the Internet age with Yahoo! being an Internet company, some people feel ignoring the technological advances that allow many people to do their jobs from anywhere is going to backfire. And if workers are unmotivated at home, they'll most likely be unmotivated in the office as well.

Regardless of which side of the debate you find yourself on, we've got some great jobs that lend themselves well to working from home -- assuming that kind of thing is allowed.