9 Good Reasons to Quit Your Job

How to Tell If You're Ready to Move On

6. Too Much Stress

A little stress to keep you on your toes might be a good thing. But if your stressful job is taking a toll on your physical well-being, it could be time to consider a change.

For instance, I worked a journalist for the better part of a decade. I loved it, for the most part, but eventually I left the field and stress was one of the reasons. You work on a deadline every day, trying to nail down sources and stories before the paper goes to print. You’re at deadly accident scenes, fires, murders, court cases, and every mistake you make is right there in public for everyone to see. The burn out factor is pretty high.

Now imagine what police officers, firefighters, military personnel, teachers, and others in high stress fields endure. They say all you have is your health, so if your job is really causing yours to deteriorate then do what you have to do.