9 of the Biggest Job Search Myths

Separate Harmful Myths from Good Advice When Job Hunting

9. Looking on Job Boards & Sites is Enough

I had a friend once who claimed she was “job hunting” five days a week for hours on end. I assumed she was out beating the street, targeting specific companies, and mining her personal network for leads. But I was wrong.

She informed me she spent hours a day perusing job openings online and submitting her resume when appropriate. Sorry, but this isn’t enough.

The job market still favors employers, which means with the exception of niche jobs that require very specific skills, there are a lot of people vying for the same position. Yet some of the best job openings are never posted publicly, which means you need an in. Comb your network and see if you know anyone with any inside tips. An unposted opening with an internal referral gives you much better odds than the online job boards accessible to everyone. And even if your network is nil, pop into the company in person and inquire about job openings to make a face-to-face impression and gain a potential advantage.