8 Ways You're Ruining Your Online Reputation

Common Online Reputation Management Mistakes & How to Fix Them

Don't Get Crushed Under the Weight of Your Own Social Media Footprint

This recent trend has generated some intense debate about privacy, as well as conversations regarding employer boundaries during the hiring process.

Employers who ask for social media passwords are navigating tricky waters. Not only is the request a violation of Facebook’s terms of service, the Department of Justice considers it a federal crime to violate terms of service in order to enter social media sites. Recently, Maryland became the first state to ban employers from asking for a job seeker's password. 

As the debate heats up, some employers are resorting to "safer" measures to better gain access to social media profiles, such as "friending" applicants. Whether your password has been requested or whether the potential employer resorts to wilier methods, it's important to know that nothing you put on the Internet is completely safe from someone who really wants access to it. Your social media "footprint" can significantly impact your career potential -- both negatively and positively.

This article shares eight pitfalls job seekers should avoid to circumvent damage to their online reputations, as well as ways to positively impact and rehabilitate it.