7 Job Search Tips You Need to Follow

Going Back to Basics Is Essential for All Jobseekers

5. Be Skeptical of Online Advice

I know this seems like the pot calling the kettle black, but bear with me.

When reviewing job search websites I am always concerned when they provide such "current" information as "watch out for typos in your resume." Really? Yes, that’s important. But if I have to remind you about typos in a resume you should probably be applying for a job somewhere where the only criteria is your ability to make your mark.

I also want to point out that anytime you receive unsolicited job search support (not like this article since you subscribe to the Salary.com newsletter), it is highly likely to be fraudulent. There are a lot of scammers out there sucking the last dollar out of desperate job seekers. Do not work with any organization that guarantees you a job. Nobody, unless they sign the paycheck, can guarantee you a job. Be very certain anytime you provide your Social Security (and never a bank account) number to anyone. Personally, I will provide confidential numbers by phone -- never via email.