7 of the Worst Resumes Ever

Horrendous Resumes Actually Submitted to Hiring Managers

4. Caught in a (Nic) Cage

Vanessa Hojda was just trying to be proactive after seeing an ad for a job in her college’s career center. But what happened next was totally unexpected.

Hojda attempted to contact the business to inquire about the job opening, attaching her resume and cover letter to the e-mail. Or so she thought. Instead of her resume, Hojda mistakenly attached a hysterically psychotic picture of Hollywood A-lister Nic Cage in all of his bug-eyed glory. She realized her mistake too late, and decided to turn it into a moment of self-deprecating levity by posting the error on her Tumblr.

Needless to say the hiring manager likely thought she was pulling some sort of prank, so Hojda didn’t get the job. But making the entire Internet smile has to count for something, right?