6 Reasons You Can't Get Anything Done at Work

With So Many Distractions, Here's How to Keep Your Head Down & Remain Focused

4. You Don't Have Distraction-free Zones

Finding a distraction-free zone is tantamount to keeping focus as you work. This may involve taking a few laps around the office to locate a space that allows you to tuck yourself away for an hour, out of the sights of supervisors and co-workers who can’t resist leaning over to ask a question, pull you into an impromptu brainstorming session or simply to shoot the breeze about the latest episode of Big Bang Theory.

If you work from home, designate your lair off-limits to roommates, partners, and children. The kids may squawk loudly, but they’ll eventually understand that a closed door is a boundary that’s not to be crossed while Daddy or Mommy is working. Should the din be too distracting, consider a local cafe or co-working space that removes you from the fray.