5 Ways to Get Hired Even If You're Unqualified

How You Can Get the Job Even If You Lack Some Qualifications

2. Accomplishments Can Trump Years of Experience

The fact that they want 10 years of experience and you don’t have them is a problem. But it’s not one that can’t be overcome.

First of all, if you only have two years it might not be a good idea to apply, as you actually might not be qualified. But if you have four or five years and you’ve accomplished a ton in that time, then go for it. But do it by touting those accomplishments.

Highlight the project you worked on that led to a huge increase in product sales, or the cost-cutting initiative you spearheaded that saved $2 million annually. If you have enough clear-cut examples of tangible accomplishments, it’ll often be enough to make up for the years of experience you lack.