5 Ways to Get Hired Even If You're Unqualified

How You Can Get the Job Even If You Lack Some Qualifications

To Apply or Not to Apply...

Have you ever been combing the online job boards and stopped dead in your tracks when you run across the perfect job? It’s in your field for a company you’d love to join doing the work you’ve been hoping to get into.

But then you scroll down and your enthusiasm dampens.

The 4-page job description starts listing some skills you don’t have. Or it asks for 10 years of experience and you’ve only got five. Soon you find yourself on that all-too-familiar fence of “should I apply or not,” and you’re not sure if you should even bother getting your hopes up. So, what’s the answer? Should you apply to a position for which you don’t have all the necessary qualifications?

The answer is…maybe. Every individual circumstance is different, but the bottom line is you can (and should) apply to some jobs even if you don’t have every last requirement. Here are some tips to help you decide.