5 Things You Should Never Wear to a Job Interview

Don't Let Your Wardrobe Ruin Your Chance of Getting Hired

4. Putting Your Best Feet Forward

Want to show you’re a polished candidate? Throw some polish on your shoes, it could just help you get a foot hold on that new job.

Along with avoiding scuffed up loafers, you definitely want to leave flip flops and sneakers in your shoe bin.

“Foot wear needs to be impeccable and polished and needs to match your interview,” Drexler said. “If it’s corporate finance, you might want to have old fashioned wing tips. You want to air on the more formal, than less formal.”

Even if you know a company boasts casual attire for its employees, slipping into something more comfortable for an interview is a step in the wrong direction. “You’re a candidate. You’re not an employee yet,” Drexler said. “They’re not going to fault you for being overdressed.”

For women, open toe shoes can be a nail in the coffin and if you want to wear a heel, keep it on the down low.