5 Job Hunting Tips When You Already Have a Job

Job Hunting Can Get Tricky When You're Already Employed

1. Gotta Keep It Separated

After completing a big work project, you decide to take a break…and hit the job boards. Problem is, you’re doing it on your company’s computer, and on company time, too. You rationalize it by thinking you already have one foot out the door (well, sort of), so what’s the big deal if you peruse some postings while you’re on a break?

All that clicking and applying for jobs can easily cost you your current one if your boss finds out, though. As much as you may want to send out your resume and cover letter first thing in the morning, you should restrict your job search to after office hours. If you do decide to look for a job online, you can do so during your lunch break—and utilizing your own phone, laptop, or tablet. Doing otherwise is a huge risk that can get you fired.

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