5 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Job Search

Find Out If You're Undermining Your Own Job Hunting Efforts

Don't Sink Your Own Ship

It’s a small world, right? Getting a job is hard enough, so doing something to damage your reputation, or your karma, is probably not a good idea when you desperately want or need a new one. If you think the careless way you have managed your communications with a would-be employer or recruiter hasn’t hurt you, you are very wrong.

Ask any recruiting professional or hiring manager whether they remember the candidates who have accepted, then declined, an offer over email or text. Or what about those “failure to show” people who blow off their first day at a new job? Undoubtedly, they will launch into at least one personal experience featuring a bad apple by name. And even though it was upsetting at the time, they will likely reflect that it was probably for the best.

No one really wants these people polluting their workplace. This bad behavior demonstrates a sheer lack of courtesy and common sense, and will make the average person grimace in disgust. But poor decorum is just one example of how a promising career can end up tainted by the simple and stupid act of “dialing it in." Here are a few others.