5 Ways to Get Hired Even If You're Unqualified

How You Can Get the Job Even If You Lack Some Qualifications

3. Show, Don't Tell

Maybe your work history isn’t what they’re looking for, but that’s no reason not to show a potential employer what positive things the future can hold if they give you the chance.

Again, it’s about framing the conversation and shifting focus. If your resume is lacking, then focus on what’s really important – how you can benefit the company if they hire you. That means doing a bunch of research on the industry and the company, and coming up with a presentation to show them at your interview that showcases tangible benefits.

Put together a slideshow presentation of a new revenue stream that will increase their profits. Or pitch them your idea for saving a few hundred thousand dollars a year with cost-savings measures. If a hiring manager sees enough initiative and potential, your sparse work history will be overlooked.